Lone Star Preparations, LLC. is owned and operated by a full-time Texas Peace Officer (16 years), firearms instructor, and police tactics instructor. Lone Star Preparations, LLC. was founded at the request of organizations outside of the owner’s department requesting him to conduct training exorcises for their organizations.

It is the objective of Lone Star Preparations, LLC. to provide safe, realistic, and relevant instruction to TCOLE certified Peace Officers, TCOLE Licensed Security Personnel, and Texas License To Carry holders in the defensive use of firearms and related subject matters.

Lone Star Preparations, LLC. provides custom tailored training to your organization’s specific needs. Some of the courses Lone Star Preparations provides include:
* Care Under Fire (levels I & II)
* Defensive Handgun (levels I, II & III)
* Defensive Shotgun
* Patrol Rifle (levels I & II)
* TCOLE Patrol Rifle Instructor
* Plain Clothes Carry (levels I & II)
* Police Handgun (levels I, II & III)
* Low-Light Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun
* TCOLE Firearms Instructor

Lone Star Preparations, LLC. can be contacted at LoneStarPrep $at$ gmail $dot$ com.